Ikebana (English)

Essais de traduction de mon livre Ikebana

without a sound

some snow petals

– the trees are asleep

frosted morning spring

on a sparkling tree

a hairy woodpecker

in a raining spring day

an all-white maiden


an iridescent bridge

links up the oak forests

rainbow in May

spring is on its way

an old forgotten rake

bursts upon the snow

oh! evening grosbeaks

are back in my garden

– Sunday morning

so high in the skies

a first red-tailed hawk

– Mont-Orford is smiling

storm in May

my balsa fir

has been losing its head

on my hat some flowers

in the sky, some snow-geese

winter is  over

in front of the prison

a former inmate

– the sky is clement too

spring haze

everything is grey

so is the bride

Easter Mass

it rains cats and dogs

– my new hat in its box

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